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General Information:-

Total Area:-            96.701 Square Kms
Latitude:-               Between 30 Degree to 36 Degree east latitude
Longitude:-            76 Degrees to 79 Degrees north
Annual Rainfall:-    529 mm
Best Season:-        April to October

Reaching there:-

Air:- Ladakh is well connected on the aviation map of India. One can fly into Leh from Delhi,Jammu and Srinagar.

Road:- Ladakh remains cut off from the rest of the world through the road. The two approaches through road are those via Manali 474 Kms(crossing the Lahaul Valley) with a night halt at Keylong/Sarchu or through Sringar 434 Kms wiht a night half at Kargil open any time after mid may.

Accormmodation:- Since tourist from every part of the world with different preferences of hotels visit this region every year, there is accommodation available to cater to everyone. Generally the hotels are garded A+, A, B and C category but we even have star category hotel,Deluxe tented camps, a wide range of economy guest houses and local home stays.

Clothing & Accessories:- Track pants or trousers, T- Shirts, Sweaters/Jackets, Pair of woolen/Cotton socks, Hat(Wool, if cold) and sunglasses, Warm Clothing(i.e synthetic fleece), Comfortable Footwear, Camera, Small notebooks and pens. A good sunscreen lotion.

Climate & Temprature:- This cold desert area of Ladakh has practically no or very less rainfall resulting in temperatue variations from 20 degree celsius to 30 degree to celsius in July and August. The winter temperature touches as low as minus 30 degree ( Leh and Kargil) and drass in approx minus 50 degree.The winter season prevails from December to February throughout Ladakh, whereas, zero degree tempreature is expereinced during rest of winter months. This results in freezing of all conceivable water resources.

Language Spoken:- Ladakh is the main language of Ladakh: other languages spoken are balti, Shina, Brokshat and Changshat. In hotels and restaurants staff speaks English and Hindi, While tourist guides are well versed in Hindi & English Language.”Juley” is greeting the most spoken phrase in Ladakh.

Permit and Passport:- Tourist don’t require permit for Leh, however, all foreigners are requried to be regisered at Drass, Rumtse and Sarchu if they are traveling overland. Those traveling by air get themselver registered at airport. Tourists are required to get permit for restricted areas like Tsomoriri, Tsokare and Pangong Lakes, Dhananu and Nubra Valley, which can be obtained from District megistrate, Leh through travel agents at Leh.

Precaution & Acclimatisation:- If you are traveling into Leh by air, you must allow a full day of complete rest for getting used to the high altitude and low oxygen level, high sickness is a risky conditoin faced by visitors and who do not allow sufficent time of proper acclimatisation. A lot of rest, ample liquid intake should do the trick. In case sickness persists. It’s always advisable to seek doctor’s advise.

Credit Cards & Machine:- Credit cards are accepted by very few hotels and tour operatos but carry a 2.5% service charge. The Jammu and Kashmir bank, state bank of India and Punjab natinal banks have ATM machines in Leh, but the remoteness of the area makes their fuctioning unreliable.

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