Mount Baljuri, Kumaon ( 5922 Mts )

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Area                 : Kumaon Himalaya
Altitude            : 5922 mts / 19424 ft
Grade               : Non Technical
Season             : May – June & Sep – October

Mount Baljuriis a snow-clad mountain, located near the Pindari Glacier, in Bageshwar District of Uttaranchal. This peak lies at an altitude of 5,922 mt. Baljuri does not require knowledge and experience of technical climbing although the summit ridge requires fixed rope and walking with crampons hence it surely requires a good fitness but it needs no formal training of mountaineering to climb it. Weather plays most important role to scale the peak as this region is prone to get long stretches of bad weather. May to June and September to November is the ideal time to access this peak.Day1:-Delhi

Board Ranikhet Express for Kathgodam from Old Delhi railway station to reach Kathgodam early next morning .Overnight journey.

Day 2 :- Arrive Kathgodam & Drive To Loharkhet

We depart by Ranikhet Express which reaches early morning at Kathgodam Railway station , Our jeep is ready to take u further deep into mountains. We reach Loharkhet ( 1750 Mt /5775 Ft) via Bhimtal, Almora and Bageshwar. Breakfast at Kainchidham. Enjoy sightseeing while driving towards Bageshwar. Late evening reach Loharkhet. Early dinner & retire in tents. Bageshwar is the base for all treks towards Sunderdhunga, Pindari and Kafni region.

Day 3:- Loharkhet – Kharkiya ( 5hr/Jeep ) & Trek to Khati(5 kms, 2 hrs)

The motorable road extends upto Kharkiya in these days , leaving only 5 kms to trek to Khati. Before the extension of this route Loharkhet used to be the starting point of trekking for both Sunderdunga & Pindari region. Infact this extended route  from Loharkhet to Kharkiya eliminates the need of tiring climb to Dhakuri on the very first day. The remaining 5 km trails to Khati follows a well laid out path through Rhododendron & Oak trees. On the way to khati you will come across several falls while walking through the civilization of Kumaon hills.

The village Khati sits at the bottom of the mountain where Mt. Baljuri lies. The actual route towards the Pindari region starts from Khati. The route from Khati to Dwali is very pleasant, with no steep ground. Dwali lies on the bottom of the Nandakot range and the campsite is situated next to a river junction.

Day 4:- Kkati – Dwali (2575 Mt /8498 Ft)

The trekking distance today is 11 km (5-6 hrs) with the roar of the Pinder Ganga not too far off. After trekking for almost 6 km from Khati you have to cross Pindari at Maliyahound. You can also have cup of tea over here from the small tea stall available over here. Along the way there are many waterfalls and log bridges to be crossed. It will take another 2.5 hrs to reach Dwali from this tea stall. Finally, after a long walk and height gain, you will reach towards the second bridge on the Pindari river, right across which is Dwali. This one is much more of a well built bridge, unlike the previous one. Overnight in Tents / KMVN huts.


Day 5:- Dwali – Phurkia (14300ft ) to Base Camp 3660mts

Dwali ( 2575 mt ) is the last place where you observe normal dense forest. Beyond this, the vegetation starts thinning out, the air feels perceptibly thin, and the entire world starts feeling different. We left the tree lines shortly after Dwali. The upward journey is almost vegetation less as you are heading towards higher Himalayan Mountains. After crossing 2.5 km from Dwali you will reach Jwarpani. From here you have to climb upward terrain for 2.5 km to reach Phurkia. The beautiful valley of  Phurkia with rhododendron trees and mountain ranges on either side give everyone  a remarkable experience to cherish .

Phurkiya is the last outpost of KMVN. From here barren icy peaks seems to be your only companions for the day upto our base camp site . The route to base is through the same valley, we hand railed the river Pindari up to the start of the Pindari glacier .The BC laying directly south east of Malla Panchal on the western bank of the river Pindari. The air feels thin over here, it is very cold. Overnight in Tents.

Day 5:- Rest Day & Upper Camp Recce

We spent the entire over here for acclimatisation, rest and equipment preparation.The base camp lying over a beautiful grazing land with few seasonal stone huts made by the khati people for the search of  Kira Jar – Yarsha Gumba. Yarsha Gumba is a type of caterpillar which turns into a plant after its short lifespan. This very small and delicate plant can be used for medical purposes. The locals are offered substantial sums of money for the plant which is then exported to China.

Day 6: Route Open Camp I :

From here the expedition team will split into two groups , the first group of high altitude porters will leave the camp very early to open the route and establish Camp 1 nearby to Buria glacier and our guide with other team members will follow the same route to push the load upto the camp for better acclimatization. Overnight at Camp I.

Day 7 : Occupying Camp I.

The route is roughly 7 – 8 kms with a steep uphill climb and can take up to  6-7  hours to from BC . On the higher Himalayas it is always recommended to push as early as possible to reach the next camp before the weather deteriorated. Overnight at Camp I.

Day 8 : Opening Camp II .

On the same way today once again first group of high altitude porters will leave the camp very early to open the route and establish Camp II Baljuri Col and we will follow the same route to push the load upto the camp for better acclimatization.

Day 9 : Occupying Camp II

The route is roughly 6 kms with a steep uphill climb and can take up to 7 hours to Camp I . It is once again recommended to push early as we have to left Camp II at night for the final assault from Camp II.

In the evening we will have a meeting to prepare ourselves for the summit attempt. It is always advisable to check all your mountain gears before the final push e.g check your shoes with crampons , Ice axe, getters, snow goggle, water bottle, dry fruits, chocolates, electoral powder, etc.

Day 10 +11 : Summit Attempt & back to Camp II

The summit day has arrived and we have to get ready with our crampons & headlight. We left Camp II by 1 am with all team members roped in their groups. It will be an extremely chilled atmosphere .Each individual had their head torches shining on the hard snow and ice. The route had already been cleared by the advance recce group; therefore it was easy to cover the distance up to the Col. We now had to climb the next 200 metres from the Col using the South – East Ridge line. The snow condition of this area used to be very deep and it took us roughly two hours just to cover a distance of 200 metres. From this ridge line, it was only a matter of 400 – 500 metres up to the summit.

Day 12 : Camp II to Back to Base Camp

We will return to the base via the same route with a remarkable achievement to cherish.

Day 13 : Back to Dwali :

We will start early morning today to return back Dwali through the same route. Overnight in Tents.

Day 14 : Back to Khati :

Today’s 11 km trek will take 4-5 hrs. Exploring Khati is a good idea as it has some beautiful sights to offer. Overnight in Tents.

Day 15 : Khati to Kharkia by Trek – Back to Loharkhet by Jeep

Day 16: Loharkhet to Kathgodam via Bageshwar , Almora

It will be an early start from Loharkhet to Kathgodam through jeep as we have to cover almost 207 km today in 10 hrs. On the return leg we will follow the same route to Kathgodam. Catch Ranikhet Express in the night for Delhi.

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