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Welcome to Indian Trekking , a resource for high altitude Himalayan trekking and other remarkable outdoor pursuits. We provide experienced, safety conscious and well-organized guiding in all capacity of groups, and we deliver a world beating experience at an affordable price. We do it because, like you, we love to climb, and we are always looking forward to explore the higher Himalayas.

Our high altitude expert Paresh Chandra Nath is a leading mountaineer, who participated in numerous successful Himalayan expeditions to Kedar Dome (6831 M) , Chandra Parvat ( 6728 mts ),Mt. Kamet (7756Mts), Gangotri Group , Trails Pass and several other explorations in India & Nepal Himalaya for last 20 years . He has also completed Advance mountaineering Course from HMI – Darjeeling & completed mountaineer instructor certification from from JIM – Kashmir with Grade “ A ” .

Himalayan Expeditions :

  1. Expedition to Mount Kamet – Garhwal
  2. Expedition Leader Trails Pass – Kumaon
  3. Expedition Leader Mount Rubal Kang – Himachal
  4. Expedition Leader Chandra Parvat – Garhwal
  5. Expedition leader Mount Deo Tibba – Himachal
  6. Expedition Leader Hanuman Tibba – Himachal
  7. Expedition Leader Kedar Dome – Garhwal
  8. Expedition Leader Thelu & Koteshwar – Garhwal
  9. Expedition Leader Gangstang
  10. Expedition to Gangotri II & III – Garhwal


Trekking Explorations :-


  1. Leader Kalindi Pass – Garhwal
  2. Leader Ronti Saddle & Roopkund – Garhwal
  3. Leader Maoali Passs – Garhwal
  4. Leader Gochala – Sikkim
  5. Leader Sandakphu – Phalut

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