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Pinaki Mukherjee

On 20 th Sept 2012 , a seven member team from The Himalayan Hikers, Durgapur started our long cherished  journey to  Satopanth Tal , located in the midst of snow-capped peaks at an altitude of 4,600 metres (15,100 ft) in Uttarakhand, India. The lake is considered to be of religious significance to the local people; residents of Mana village with the common believe that the Trimoortis, viz, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, take bath in the lake in an auspicious day . According to Hindu Mythology it is the route of SWARG YATRA of Pancha Pandava . Also some types of birds are found here, which pick up the pollutants of the lake and thus keep the lake clean. These birds are not found anywhere. The local belief is that they are the Gandharvas disguised, who guard the lake against evils.


Reach Haridwar from Delhi. The main gateway of Uttarakhand(Devthirtha-Debobhumi)). Stay at Haridwar & book bus tickets/Car for Badrinath.


We reached Badrinath. The bus stops at 2 points for breakfast at Tindhara & Pipolkothi for launch.

We reached Badrinath at 3.00 pm by the bus which started 4.00 am in the morning at Haridwar. In the evening we make arrangement of the porters for our next day movement to Satopanth Tal by 500/- each for each day.We take 2 porters. We purchased Kerosine oil, vegetables etc. from here for further movement..


Today we started for the route to Mahaprastaner Pathe. We reached Mata-Mandir near to Bhimpool where Droupodi- the wife of five PANDAVs lost her life tjough Lord BHIMA tried many to save her life by placing a big stone on the turbulent water flow on Sarasawati river. We crossed Mata Mandir just 3km from Badrinath temple, Nagmandir on the way. The agriculter field full of potato are now-a days growing that we viewed on the both sides of our way . The Mana village was a small distant from us. After 2 hrs walking we reached a green grass field area called Ananda ban. The large stream of water falling from Kuber mukut on the opposite side of us was the enchanting view. Many pilgrims comes to see the Basudhara falls. We reached Lakshiban at 2.00 pm . It was above 12500ft from sea label & on base of Mt. Nilkantha. We pitched our tents beside the Bhuj trees.As per Mahabharata the last brother of PANDAVAs NOKUL lost his life here. The cold & fresh water streams coming from Mt. Nilkantha provoked us to pitched our tents here.The Hot soup energised us for the next coming hours. At night our Quater Master served the famous Bengali food Hotch Potch with potato-butter fry and mixed pickle. We end our day with hot chocolate drinks.


The starting of our journey stars with a roar Jai Badri Bishal. The lord must save us although the way.The glacier of neelkantha starts. 1stly the loose boulders & then the big boulders on our way. The guide is necessary here to findout the way here. To reach Sahasradhara – a valley with in the big mountain we have to overcome the stiff ridge.It was 2500ft height climb fro Lakshiban. Our hardle that we overcome in 45 minutes. Next the greenery field with a river was a marvellous view-Shasradhara. The delightful tinny flowers of different colours covered the are like mind blowing. Sahasradhara-the name of this place (As per Mahabharata Sahodeb the 4rth pandava died here.).We reached Chakratirtha-a green valley between the boulder zone at 2.00 pm.Mt. Choukhanmba, Mt. Swargorohini were seen from here. It was at 15000ft high. Todays our meal was the hand made chapatti and dal.


we the 7member team with 2 porter started to Satopanth Tal. Oxygen is found here very small,so headache & vomiting tendency may be catch some of us. So we all were cautious.The loudly Jai Badri Bishwal sound of all our members changed the atmosphere. We got influenced to do anything to overcome any hardle. A stiff ridge infront of us at about 750 gradient blocks our path. But we all enjoyed to cross that with in 35 minutes.At the top a of the ridge we meet a saga with bare foot and only a koupin-, but with good helth. We surprised that how these great men overcome the the so cold temperature that is 10 c in the sunlight and -50 c in the night. His advice to go through the lower zone we reached the Satopanth Tal after a large number of boulder on the way.The depp green water of the holly tal refreshed us. We all prayed to God. As per Ethis In full moon day The Lord Shiva,Lord Bhisnu & Lord Lord Brhambha take bath here in Satopanth tal .


We started to Chandra tal & Suraj Tal. After 40 min walking from Satopanth Tal a glacier with morain & Sand we reached. The water flow of this tal going through underground & meets to Satopanth Tal . From here some 1000-1500ft climb to diff ridges we reached to Suryakund. Afetr crossing Suraj kund on the base of Mt. Shesnag It was app. 17160 ft high Basstkund & the Mt Swarohini starts. The stairs to go to the mountain top can be seen from here.We fixed our flag & the ice-axe the emergency gear in mountain. & then return t Satopanth tal.

A Mataji Ashram & a Mounimunibaba was ther in this cold throughout the year in satopanth tal

We saw some cuckko type birds here. Now we returned to satopanth Tal at 10.30 am to return our journey.


We reached at Chamtoli at 5pm to go next day to Badrinath.


We reached Mana & then Badrinath at 12in the noon.  helps us to go through the route. We got many useful data & information from here.


Pinaki Mukherjee

Durgapur, West Bengal

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