Tarun Shrivastav

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Welcome to Indian Trekking , a resource for high altitude Himalayan trekking and other remarkable outdoor pursuits. We provide experienced, safety conscious and well-organized guiding in all capacity of groups, and we deliver a world beating experience at an affordable price. We do it because, like you, we love to climb, and we are always looking forward to explore the higher Himalayas.

Tarun Shrivastav a passionate adventurer & nature lover is an expert organizer with innovative skills in operation & logistics supply. His go getter attitude and inter personal skills are second to none and is the pillar of strength for this startup. With his excellent organizational skills he spearheaded many expeditions on the Himalayas. Tarun has a love for trekking in the Himalayas and is very passionate to explore unknown routes . His leadership & organisational skills are commendable to sheer quirk entrepreneurship.

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