Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

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Location   :  Kumaon Himalaya
Grade        :  Moderate
Altitude     :  4260mt / 13973 Feet
Time           :  Mid Feb – June, August – Nov
Duration    :  9 days

Situated, at the eastern borders of Kumoun in Pithogarh distt of Uttrakhand. The trek route to the Panchahuli Glacier with abundant exotic scenery, snow capped mountains, silky streams, alpine meadows and beautiful flora and fauna. The gigantic Panchachuli Peaks and their Shiva like bhola appearance, derives its name from the five peaks named after the legendary Pandavas.

Panchachuli trek starts from Dharchula by road to Dar which is approximately 40 kms and two hours’ drive. Dar to Panchachuli Glacier is a pleasant walk. The trail goes through the  villages of Bongling , Sela , Nagling, Baaling and Duktu along the river Dhauliganga and thick Forests of deodar and Bhojpatra and conifer .The journey starts from Dharchula Also known as the  gateway to Kailash Mansarover. Dharchula is where the local tribals migrate from the higher Himalayas in the winter. In recent a time Dharchiula has become a major hub. Its bang on the the Mahakali river with Nepal on the other bank separated by a foot bridge which is open for 12 hrs a day. One can cross over to Nepal buy some stuff for the trek.

Day 1 : Kathgodam to Dharchula

We depart by Ranikhet Express which reaches early morning at Kathgodam Railway station , Our jeep is ready to take u further deep into mountains . About 45 kms from Kathgodam, we took our first halt at Kainchidham. Here is a famous ashram, dedicated to Shri Neeb Karori Maharaj. Today we will drive 290 km which will take almost 11 hrs via Bhimtal , Bhawali , Almora & Pithorafarh. Before 30 km to Dharchula we will stop at Jauljibi , in Indo-Nepal border ,  situated at the confluences of kali and Gori Rivers . Night stay at Hotel in Dharchula.

Day 2: Dharchula to Urthing

Dharchula to Dar by Jeep.Dar is a small village the vehicle will be available up to this point It takes 2 Hrs and is 40kms.This is village is inhabited by the tribals and the non tribals here we can see the amalgation of the tribal’s the Saukas the “Rung” community and the non tribals the “Whalans” living harmoniously.

The trek starts from here and Urthing is our first Camp.It is located on the banks of the river Dhauli Ganga and with urthing stream flowing close by our camp.

Day 3 : Urthing to Naglin.

Trek starts after breakfast. The name Naglin has been derived from the word NAG and LING. Some three kms from Naglin lies the Naglin Bugyal full of rare herbs and flora and fenna.You can see the

Naglin group of mountains and table top flat farms when you are there. Some beautiful village’s enroute this trek are Shela and Chal.

Day 4 : Naglin to Sone.

In this trek you ascend to Alpine area and the trek is beautiful with lots of deodars the pine trees the Oak trees and the meadows you will also pass through Baling village and also get to see Bon village Film Village Dangtu and Dugtu village all having there. Since the highest altitude is only about 3470 mts at Panchachuli Base camp. The journey is easy. All trekkers considered it to be an easy trek.

There is no or little altitude problem since the entire area has got good vegetation lots of Trees Bhoj Patra Pines etc (very rarely, there can be altitude problem if there has been snow fall or low temperature.)

Day 5 : Excursion to Panchachuli Base

It is just mesmerizing the Rhododendrons and the bugyals leave no space flowers everywhere. The beautiful Panchachuli in front the ENERGY that is prevalent here can be SELF EXPERIENCED. This is why you are here.

Day 6 : Sone to Naglin

After breakfast we will trek 13 km downhill to Naglin which will take 4 hrs . On reaching to Naglin you can further proceed to  Naglin Bugyal. The Naglin bugyal is 3 kms  trek which is 1.5 kms up hill and the bugyal starts. It is a very beautiful bugyal.

Day 7 : Naglin to Urthing

After breakfast we will trek 12 km downhill to Urthing which will take 4 hrs

Day 8 : Urthing to Dharchula

Through the same route you have to reach Dar by trek and further 40 km jeep drive to Dharchula. Night stay at Darchuila.

Day 9 : Dharchula to Kathgodam

We will return back to Kathgodam through the same route by the evening hour  to catch Ranikhet Express for Delhi.

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Important Notes :

You need to bring your valid I.D card. Permission needs to be taken from the SDM.

You need to bring warm clothes for the trek as it is cold here.

You have to respect the local custom and tradition.

Your guide will be the final authority. He will be the one who will decide. He is the final authority. You have to listen to him.



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